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Chamelite CL-01

Chamelite CL-01 is your ultimate video light source!  Its name derived from the well-known creature Chameleon with the unique ability to change colors to adapt to its environment, first UW-video light in the market that can adjust color temperature, and the Chamelite CL-01 can change its color temperature from 3500K to 8000K.  Other distinctions include the video light’s ability to adjust its brightness levels (increase or decrease) either in quick brightness levels from 100% to 50% to 20% or in minor adjustments with 2% increments.  The Chamelite CL-01 can also be adjusted for flash frequency.  There is the ability to control the Chamelite CL-01 through a remote device using optional fiber optic cable.  The exceptional LCD display on the light provides color temperature, brightness of the light at percentage output, indicate the mode, and the low battery warning screen, when it is necessary.  The warning screen provides a counter indicating remaining battery time as well as a warning that the video light has switched to cooling mode to avoid overheating.  The video light is specifically designed for underwater use with limited above water use.  With all these special features, the Chamelite CL-01 is the best choice of video lights for ambient light needs underwater!

Description LED Underwater Video Light
Material Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum Alloy
Lens Coating Double Anti-refective Coatings
LED Type CREE XP-G x 12, XP-G RS x 12
Luminous Intensity 3200 Lumens
Beam Angle 120 Degrees
Battery Pack 3 x 18650 Lithium Ion Battery, Max. 12.6V 3100 mAh
Continuous Burn Time  
90 Min. (Max. Output) + 10 Min. (5% Output)
Operation Modes 1) Brightness Adjusting Mode
  2) Color Temperature Adjusting Mode
  3) Flash Frequency Adjusting Mode
Charge Time 3 Hours Max.
Waterproof 100M/330Ft.
LED Life Span 35,000 Hours
Color Temperature 3500K - 8000K
Dimension 2.6 in x 6.2 in (Diameter x Length)
Weight 22 oz. (With Battery)
Accessories 1 YS-Mount, 1 Battery Charger, and 2 Battery Caps
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